About Aduachi Women Co-operative Union
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About Aduachi Women Co-operative Union

The Adu-Achi Women Cooperative Union began as at the time the women gathered together to think on how to improve their economic and social welbeing. This movement of the women touched many people among whom are Fr. Stan Chu Ilo and others, who assisted towards discovering their talents, promoting, encouraging and championing them to excellent height.
In other words, it is an organization formed out of love and voluntary obligation in respect of grass-root development for the women. The organization has continued to receive assistance from the Canadian Samaritans for Africa; and so the women can only express their gratitude by remaining resolved and committed to the course.

Year Established: 2008

Address: Aduachi village, Oji-River Local Government Area, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Donors: Canadian Samaritans for Africa (CSA) and Initiative Füreinegerechte Welt Ottensheim (IGWelt)


The women cooperative consists of six sub-groups located in smaller villages within the same community (Adu-Achi). These groups are:
--Ifunanyaka Cooperative Society (Orunato Unit) – This group consists of 8 women.
--Udokamma Cooperative Society (Ezinato Unit) –This is a twelve member group located at Ezinato Unit.
- Ifunanya Chukwuka Cooperative Society (Umuogbudu Unit) – This is made up of 26 members.
- Ugogbeoyibo Cooperative Society (Umualugwa Unit) – Consists of 15 members.
- Udodiri Cooperative Society – This is at Umuezie Unit, and is made up of 15 women.
- Onyemebina Cooperative Society – This group is located at Ojiri Unit, and comprises 18 women

- From the above subgroups, it could then be seen that the Aduachi Cooperative Union is made up of 94 women, each working towards individual and societal development.

This Cooperative is registered with the Oji-Rover Local Government. By so doing, they create awareness and can as well source for support from the government. The women are however pleased to report that with the fund sent in 2015, they have been able to make a lot of progress and have already concluded the training session for Nylon production, Soap and Baking productions, which was carried out in a space of six months. Using this means too, the women plead for more financial support for greater output and profit maximization.

The liberation and empowerment of women is the ultimate vision of this cooperative, just as the popular saying that wen you feed a woman, you have altimately fed a nation. There is no better way to achieve this than to get the women together as a group and to ensure maximum participation. By coming together, the women become each other’s pillar of support and encouragement. The women, though coming from different families have one thing in common, financial challenges. Living in a rural environment makes it even more difficult. The Canadian Samaritans for Africa (CSA) have for some years now tried to assist them financially and otherwise.

This in a great way has helped improve the women’s lives by making them significant members in the society, starting from their various families. Many thanks to the CSA group and all our donors for supporting the women’s plight by contributing in a great way to their economic and social through the fund contributed for the women’s project. Socio-economic freedom is what the group preaches and practices; and the women are ever ready to go the distance to ensure its accomplishment.

Some products of Soap, cream, antiseptic, insecticide and detergent production section
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